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On-Site Insight, a subsidiary of Recap Advisors, is the recognized leader for high-quality capital needs assessment and energy audit services. Our rigorous approach to property system evaluation, useful life estimation, and reserve funding analysis has set the standard in the multifamily industry over the past twenty-five years. Our methodology is widely used and has been adopted by many lenders, funders, and regulators, including Fannie Mae and other federal and state agencies.

Our clients include leading owners, investors, managers, lenders, and regulators in every state in the country. During our history, we have performed more than 7,000 assessments across the United States on multifamily properties, condominiums, hotels, healthcare facilities, and school dormitories.

To ensure superior quality in our evaluations, each and every On-Site Insight inspector is certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) as a Professional and Multifamily Building Analyst and has an average of ten years of multifamily capital planning experience. Our associates build on their technical expertise in areas like architecture, mechanical engineering, and construction management by engaging in an intensive, six-month training program to learn our proprietary Observable Systems Approach.

On-Site Insight is your best choice for comprehensive, precise capital needs assessments and energy audits performed by a trusted third-party specialist

Capital Needs Assessments

On-Site Insight’s Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) is our signature product and provides an extensive analysis of building systems, recommendations for specific improvements, and funding estimates for long-term maintenance. Our BPI-certified associates inspect up to 170 major building systems, examine the entire site (exterior, interior, and building systems), analyze the remaining economic life of all significant building components, and estimate repair and reserve requirements for your property by year. We meet or exceed all commonly used standards, including ASTM 2018.

On-Site Insight also provides Portfolio CNA evaluations for owners, acquirers, lenders, equity sources, and others who may periodically need an estimate for valuation, planning, or due diligence purposes.

Our CNA has been the industry’s most respected for more than 25 years due to the completeness of our physical inspection, the level of detailed quantification, and the high-quality professional service we provide. There simply is no substitute.

Please click here to download a Capital Needs Assessment brochure.

Green Capital Needs Assessments

Finally, a reliable way to underwrite Green Retrofits in the context of a financing.

In 2009, On-Site Insight collaborated with Enterprise Community Partners to develop a protocol for a Green Capital Needs Assessment (GCNA). The GCNA fuses a conventional 20-year Capital Needs Assessment with a comprehensive energy audit and detailed financial analysis of retrofit options.

Lenders use the GCNA because it provides them with a reliable way to underwrite the costs and benefits of Green retrofits. Owners use it because it enables them to improve energy and water efficiency while reducing operating costs. In addition, regulators and allocators utilize it as a tool to assess and fund Green measures in the context of overall asset health.

The GCNA includes:

  • Standard CNA that exceeds ASTM 2018 standards, with 20-year capital needs projections and replacement reserve analyses
  • Energy analysis, including utility bill analysis, disaggregated end uses, and carbon footprint
  • TREAT energy modeling
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis for each retrofit
  • Clear retrofit recommendations with recognized financial metrics: net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), and savings to investment ratio (SIR)
  • Indoor air quality analysis with diagnostic testing results (optional)
  • Standard and infrared photos
  • Side-by-side comparisons of Conventional and Green capital needs
  • Separate reserve estimates for Green capital needs

Please click here to download an 8-page overview of the GCNA.

Please click here to download a Green Capital Needs Assessment brochure.

HUD Green Physical Needs Assessment (GPNA)

HUD will be publishing a final rule that requires all 3000+ Public Housing Authorities (both large and small) to conduct a Green Physical Needs Assessment (GPNA) as part of its capital fund requirements. Small PHA’s will no longer be exempt from this requirement.

To measure the impact of government funding and help develop effective management practices, HUD has developed a Green Physical Needs Assessment (GPNA) Tool as part of this new process.

The GPNA Tool allows PHAs to assess the needs of their portfolio for a term of up to 20 years and includes a comprehensive list of measurable site, building, common area, and unit components based on lists used by HUD, Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS), and other building industry standards. The Tool will include typical Replacement Needs, as well as Refurbishment Needs, Sustainability Needs (green/energy efficient replacements), Marketability & Livability Needs, and Accessibility Needs. The tool will then automatically calculate and create a 20-year cost projection for each Development/AMP in addition to many other reporting functionalities.

On-Site Insight assessors are trained, certified, and approved to perform the new GPNA inspections and Tool preparation for Housing Authorities across the country. Having our trained, certified, and experienced assessors complete and update your GPNA requirement now and for years to come will ensure an efficient and accurate end product to submit to HUD.

Click here for the HUD website where you can download the GPNA Tool and userguide as well as find additional information and FAQ’s.

For more information on Recaps GPNA Inspections and Tool preparation, please contact us.

Energy Audits

Get an Energy Audit from the recognized multifamily experts.

Are you tired of Energy Audits that leave you scratching your head about therms and BTUs? On-Site Insight’s Energy Audit was built from the ground-up for clients who want clear guidance on energy and water retrofits rooted in time-tested financial analysis. For each retrofit recommendation, we evaluate Green vs. Conventional products through a proprietary two-step Life Cycle Cost Analysis. In the end, you’ll know which product to use, when to install it, and how much you will save.

The On-Site Insight Investment-Grade Energy Audit includes:

  • Energy analysis, including utility bill analysis, disaggregated end uses, and carbon footprint estimate
  • TREAT energy modeling
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis for each retrofit
  • Clear retrofit recommendations with recognized financial metrics: net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), and savings to investment ratio (SIR)
  • Indoor air quality analysis with diagnostic testing results
  • Standard and infrared photos

Please click here to download an Energy Audit brochure.

REAC Inspections

All rental housing receiving FHA insurance or other HUD funding must pass required Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) inspections. A high REAC score means a “clean bill of health” along with a reduction in administrative and reporting requirements, whereas a low REAC score means increased oversight, increased compliance and reporting requirements, difficulty securing new business, and potential loss of property management contracts.

On-Site Insight’s REAC Readiness Services will ensure your staff is ready to meet REAC requirements and avoid substantial financial and legal consequences of failing these inspections.

REAC services include:

  • On site pre-inspection
  • Deficiency correction recommendations
  • Inspection oversight
  • Property staff training

Please click here to download a REAC Inspection brochure.